Our projects

The world doesn’t revolve purely around cryptocurrencies. Money needs to keep moving in a meaningful way. We only support ethical projects of benefit to our planet and people.


Our projects



Making money from gaming has always been every avid gamer’s dream. Now, however, the previously seemingly impossible is becoming a reality. We’ll be happy to help you avoid missing this unique opportunity and to be there right from the start!


We care about the water we drink and the water around us. Water is everywhere, and is the liquid upon which all life on the planet depends. We need water for cooking, watering plants, washing, cleaning, in industry… simply every day.


Slavic fashion
We become who we really are—whole, joyful and true to ourselves—through learning about Slavic culture. Through knowing ourselves, we awaken in people a sense of inner strength and of belonging to their culture. Through Slavic fashion, the external manifestation of its splendour, we help discover and bring out our own inner beauty.


John Amos Comenius: Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart

This is the most important philosophical work written in Czech, and is presented in an exclusive large-format edition with unique collages. The book contains 54 original illustrations and one signed lithograph by Miroslav Huptych.