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The bitcoin situation is similar to that of the Internet in the 1990s

At the time, few people even understood the Internet, let alone how to use it. It was unimaginable that the Internet would succeed on a mass scale. It took over 20 years for the Internet to be widely accepted by the market. Yet it is because of the Internet that bitcoin use is expanding much faster.
The perceptions of the Internet and bitcoin are similar in this regard. Yet there is a fundamental difference, and that is that the market will adopt bitcoin much more quickly. We anticipate this to happen within the next four years.

So hop on the Bitcoin train and let it take you to “Prosperity” station so you don’t miss the opportunities that bitcoin can provide.

Bitcoin is a pioneer among cryptocurrencies, and thus the subject of a great deal of speculation, assumptions and semi-truths.

The fact is that ANYONE can have a stake in bitcoin (BTC), and ANYONE can participate, i.e. make a profit or loss when investing in bitcoin.

Why would you want to invest in BTC?

State money or FIAT money has several risks.
These include inflation, the impossibility of sending money to someone without an intermediary, the risk of currency reform that devalues the money, the withholding of money by a bank, to name just a few…

Bitcoin’s philosophy is based on the principle of sound and fair money. No one should create it out of thin air and inflate its volume in the market, as is the case with state money.

It turns out that FIAT money works poorly as a store of value. Bitcoin is a solution as its value is decided solely by the market, not by a few privileged people.

What is bitcoin? What is it for and what is the difference between bitcoin and money?

Bitcoin is electronic money. It differs from state money in that people can send it to each other without an intermediary. There is no third party or authority, like a bank or a state. This means it is a decentralized currency.

Bitcoin is one of the only currencies in the world that cannot be falsified. The blockchain system on which bitcoin operates cannot be erased, it is impossible to make one transaction multiple times, and transactions cannot be reversed. This is the power of bitcoin.


What determines the value of bitcoin

Bitcoin meets the attributes of sound money, namely that it must be scarce, homogeneous, durable, transportable and divisible. In a free money market, where currencies compete freely, what is money is decided by demand.

And people demand sound money that retains its purchasing power over time.

Its greatest value lies in its finite quantity.

The world will never see more than 21 million BTC. Bitcoin has figured out how to preserve purchasing power over time and detach itself from state money subject to inflation, meaning it naturally loses purchasing power.

Bitcoin is a genius investment opportunity.

Concerns related to bitcoin

80% of payments today are made virtually, and so the fear that you have nothing physical in your hands, that any amount of bitcoin is just a digital data record, is not justified.

Bitcoin is referred to by many as digital gold.

There are advantages and disadvantages to holding gold.

You can’t simply split and store gold. You also need an intermediary to buy it, and the difference between the purchase and redemption value can be more than 10%.

Holding and investing in bitcoin is easier and much more practical. Bitcoin can be split, stored and sent without the need for a third party.

So it’s just a matter of how you perceive bitcoin. And you don’t even have to decide to exclusively go for bitcoin, gold or silver as spreading your investment is a great idea.

If you are wondering whether bitcoin can be hacked (attacked, stolen), you should understand that it is secured using asymmetric cryptography, which is used by e.g. the Internet banking sector and state data boxes, and is currently considered unbreakable.

Bitcoin is an opportunity. Come and learn even more!

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