Our mission is to spread information about the financial system and about possible alternatives to it. We see the future in cryptocurrencies and physical silver. Come with us to discover the truth behind today’s financial system.

Who controls all “our” money?

The economy works through quite simple mechanisms, repeating the same game over and over again. The volume of money in circulation increases, creating a bubble. Then the money supply is reduced, bursting the bubble. The losers are ordinary people and small banks. The big banks grab what the others lose and strengthen their power structures. This will go on forever unless something fundamental changes in our financial system – unless the private banks’ power over money is taken away!

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What was the impulse behind the creation of Bitcoin? The real story

While Bitcoin raises questions, what is certain is that it is a response to a dysfunctional financial system. What makes Bitcoin unique, and how is this new kind of money and innovative payment model secured from corruption by humans?

Cryptocurrencies have been around since 1983, and cryptography as a technology has taken a quantum leap during that time. Bitcoin’s genius creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has given people a system that limits the influence of governments.

It gives us the opportunity to break free from the influence of inflation and to introduce some freedom into our lives.

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Mysterious silver

The world consumes more silver than is mined. Silver is so undervalued that its price could rise five hundredfold after the next collapse of the paper money system.

Moreover, silver plays two roles: it is a basic industrial metal and it is also a historically anchored and desired value for investment. No other material comes close to it in this respect. In other words, silver is more valuable and rarer than gold. In fact, today it should be five times more expensive than its yellow brother yet its current price is only one seventy-fifth of gold’s! Read the full article >>